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Судокорпусное производство

Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Корпусосборочное производство

Nevsky Shipyard
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Production capacities

To carry out projects of shipbuilding and ship repair Nevsky Shipyard LLC is equipped with necessary production capacities such as blank production, hull production, machining production, machine-tool use area, piping production, painting and finishing works production, production for combustion engines repair, rudder propeller unit repair site, slipway G-300 for vessels lifting and launching.

The equipment of Blank Production includes automatic metal process line «Metra», plasma cutting installations «Crystal» and «ESAB», cranes up to 100 t.
Production capacities of Blank production make it possible to process up to 10 thousand tons of metal structures annually.

Hull production includes covered shed, consisting of three flights: first flight 228х30х22 m is intended for volumetric sections production on building cradles, second and third flights 1800х48х22 m and 220х42х22 m with 4 places for vessels up to 100 m.
 In 2009 the Automatic Line for Flat Sections Assembly and Welding of «IMG Ingenieurtechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH» company was put into operation.
The Line is intended for production of flat sections from production of panels to assembly of flat sections with framing at the end of the line; then at the next stage of production cycle volumetric section and blocks of ship hulls are formed from produced flat sections. Sections movement is carried out in one direction with performance of operations at certain positions.
 In 2011 the Line reached the design capacity of 800 t of metal structures a month.

Machining production includes workshops and sites with the total
area of 6000 m2. Updated machine-tool equipment fleet (about 90 units) makes it possible to carry out all types of mechanical processing of details with the weight up to 5 t and the length up to 11 m.  The Shipyard carries out all type of machining including turning, milling and boring works.

Piping production is equipped with detachable and pipe-bending machines for cold bending of pipes, installations for pipeline testing, H.F.C. machine for hot bending of pipes with a diameter of up to 273mm. The site with the total area of 2760 m2 is equipped with cranes of 5 and 20 t lifting capacity.

Painting and finishing works production: interior and exterior painting, hull and pipes insulation in full scope, handing over living quarters and service spaces on turn-key basis.

Production for combustion engines repair is equipped with stand for diesels test after repair. The production has its site for details cleaning and machine tool fleet.

Rudder propeller unit repair site is equipped with machine propulsion shafts processing and other special equipment.

Slipway G-300 for vessels lifting and launching is equipped with 12 slant paths, cranes with 80, 32, 16 t of lifting capacity, 75 slipway dollies, 13 launching dollies and winches of 350 t. lifting capacity each. The slipway allows lifting and launching vessels up to 150 m long and docking weight up to 3000 t. The horizontal part of a slipway is equipped with railways and slipway dollies of 75 t lifting capacity. Total area of slipway is 35000 m2.

Human resources: more than 1000 people work at Nevsky Shipyard.