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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Self-propelled car and passenger ferry project 2967/3132

General data

 LWL, m


 Length overall, m, about


 LWB, m, about                                             

 Overall width, m



 Midships depth, m

 Full-load draft, m

 Above-water dimension of fixed parts, m

 Deadweight, t





 Passenger capacity, persons 

 Crew, persons



 Transporting motor cars quality:

  • triaxial dump truck KAMAZ type without cargo

with weight of 10400 kg (model 43118)                                             8 pcs.
- medium car with design weight of 2000 kg                                   16 pcs. 

Class:    О2,0 (ice 30)А

 Classification society: Russian River Register

 Technical description

 The project is developed by Engineering Centre of Shipbuilding JSC.

The construction of the self-propelled ferry for crossing the river Svir in urban-type settlement Voznesenye of Podporozhsky district in Leningrad region, project 2967/3132, is being carried out on order of Automobile road department of Leningrad region.

The vessel represents self-propelled two-shaft car and passenger ferry with folding two-section bow and stern ramps for wheeled equipment and passengers, with forecastle on SB and PS out of bow ramp length, with elevated areas by the board in the after deck, with short-length two-level U-type (for wheeled equipment) superstructure in length middle part, with flush deck without camber and sheer in the rest part of the vessel length, with wheelhouse from one board to another on the superstructure roof, with 3 passenger saloons in hold separated by water-proof transverse bulkhead and nontight bulkhead in longitudinal center plane, with 2 main diesel engines and engine room in stern part.

The ferry is intended for motor transport and passengers crossing.

Sailing area – inner water basins of «R» level according to Russian River Register.

The ferry speed with main engines power 2x220 kW on crank-shafts and crank-shafts nominal speed 1800 rpm on deep still water and wind not more than 3 points is not less than 18 km/h.

The floodability is provided with flooding of each compartment individually.

The vessel stability at all specified load possibilities satisfies Russian River Register requirements to passengers vessels of «О» class.

Rooms for meal, for working clothes with dryer, water closet is provided for on the vessel.

Three hold saloons with seatings and water closet is intended for passengers accommodation.

The construction of the vessel hull, devices, mechanisms and systems meet to the requirements of Russian River Register Rules for Ecological Safety of Inland and River-Sea Navigation Ships.

Lifting ramps with electromechanical drive are installed in bow and stern parts for wheeled equipment entry and run-out from main deck.

The ferry is equipped with closed systems of fuel and oil bunkering, sewage, oily bilge waters transferring, with tanks for collecting and storage of sewage and bilge waters, tanks for collecting of flowed fuel and used oil, containers for collecting of waste, food waste and plastic materials.

Inserted stainless drinking water tank with V=l,2 m3 is installed in the room for water treatment for fresh water storage. Water filtration and disinfection is provided for in case of water storage in tank more than 5 days.

Steering system consists of 2 hydraulic drives, 1 on each stock, 2 local control boards installed in steering room.

2 ship diesel reducing units are the main power unit.

Artificial exhaust and supply ventilation is provided for passengers saloons with the possibility of air heating during cold navigation season.

Split systems installation is provided for wheel house and bow saloon. The system includes inside and outside units. 

Warning protection system ensures control and alarm warning of vessel’s service systems.