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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Nevsky Shipyard
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The Governor of the Sakhalin region visited Nevsky Shipyard.

On the 30th of January 2020 Nevsky Shipyard received the delegation of leaders from Sakhalin region and Vice President of USC.

The delegation comprised:  Valery Limarenko - Governor of the Sakhalin region, Valery Spichenko - Minister of Transport of Sakhalin, Egorov Pavel - business manager of the Sakhalin region Governor and Government, Svetlana Litvinova - Advisor to the Governor of the Sakhalin region.   Vice President of USC Vasiliy Boytsov also participated in the meeting.

The Director General of  Nevsky  shipyard Evgeny Kuznetsov gave an overview of the main activity directions of the shipyard: shipbuilding, ship repair and machine building, the program of modernization and technical re-equipment of production capacities.

The Governor of the Sakhalin Region noted that these vessels of   PV22 project are very important for the residents of Sakhalin. «Admiral Gennady Nevelskoy» and «Pavel Leonov» have improved characteristics, which are much higher than the vessel «Igor Farkhutdinov», which is now working on the line.

The Vessel is intended for transportation between the Kurile Islands and between the island of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. New vessels of PV22 project is designed for transportation of 146 passengers as well as transportation of general cargo including refrigerated cargo and packaged hazardous cargo.

The vessel is equipped with cargo crane for cargo operations on non-equipped shore. The new concept offers higher maneuverability and improved icebreaking capacity as the ship’s design is based on rescue vessel of Project MPSV07. The redundancy is ensured by two main engines for to screws. The hold capacity is 895 cbm (vs 208-215 cbm of the existing ships). The ship is able to carry 24 containers (including 8 refrigerated containers) and 6 passenger cars.

General data:

Length overall, m 75.00
Length scantlings, m 69.72
Breadth overall, m 16.00
Length scantlings, m 15.50
Depth, m 6.70
L x B x H 75.00 x 16.00 x 6.70 = 8 040

The ship is being designed and built to Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class: KM   Arc4 I AUT1-ICS CONT (deck, cargo hold) DG (pack) Passenger ship.