Многоцелевой сухогрузный теплоход проекта RSD49

Судокорпусное производство

Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Корпусосборочное производство

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Berthing complex with helicopter platform of project 02590

General data

Length, m                             43,2
Breadth, m                           16,9
Draught, m                  about 0,8
Depth, m                                 2,1

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class:    KE [1] Berth-connected ship HELIDECK

Technical description

The project is developed by CDB Baltsudoproekt. The vessel is being built for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The complex represents single-hull rack mount pontoon with helicopter platform, auxiliary rooms, waiting room with café for passengers, medical station, duty room, cabin and crew’s accommodation for 3 persons of technical staff.

The complex is intended for mooring of vessels such as «ОМ», «Moscow», «Fontanka» and «Meteor» type for passengers boarding and getting off to the moored vessels; landing and takeoff of Mi-8 type helicopters (without location) with takeoff weight up to 15 t and rotor maximum dimension up to 21,3 m.

Sailing area – inland water basins of «R» class.

Operation conditions - year-round operation (day-night) in designed range of outside temperatures from -30°С to +45°С, at sea water temperature from -3°С to +30°С and air humidity 60-85% in summer and 60-85% in winter. During freezing vessels mooring isn’t provided for. The helicopter landing can be carried out year-round.

The complex exterior represents high-tech style with use of steel structures from clear and tinted glass with possibility to blend well with the architecture of Frunzenskaya embankment. The complex has night illumination.

The following rooms are placed on the upper deck: one VIP suite, café with waiting room, flight control station.

There is an equipped medical station onboard for aiding.


General arrangement