Многоцелевой сухогрузный теплоход проекта RSD49

Судокорпусное производство

Судокорпусное производство
Автоматизированная линия плоских секций


Аварийно-спасательное судно проекта MPSV07

Корпусосборочное производство

Корпусосборочное производство

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Sea-going dumb deck barge

General data

Length between transoms, m 102,3 м
Length on DWL, m 100,0 м
Breadth moulded, m 16,5 м
Depth amidships, m 4,2 м
Draught on DWL, m 2,8 м
Forecastle height, m 2,2 м
Hopper guard rail height, m 1,4 м
Ship’s class

КЗвезда R3 1 RSN



Classification society

Российский морской регистр судоходства   Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Technical specification

The project is developed by OJSC DO “Vympel”.

Design option 1: Provision is made for 3 ballast tanks to take 1460 t of liquid ballast. The ballast is taken in order to increase the vessel draught up to 1,7 m during light displacement voyages under unfavourable weather conditions and during ice navigation.

Design option 2: Provision is made for 6 ballast tanks to take 1460 t of liquid ballast. The ballast is taken in order to ensure necessary level of the vessel deck relative to a ramp on the barge at the loading station and to ensure the barge trimmimg depending on the cargo structural peculiarities.  

The vessel operation is provided by towing mode.

The vessel operates without crew.

The displacement and cargo-carrying capacity at 2,8 v draught are equal to:

- water of density 1,01 m3:

displacement 4245 t
cargo-carrying capacity 3240 t

- water of density 1,025 m3:

displacement 4310 t
cargo-carrying capacity 3305 t

Чертёж 1

Морская несамоходная баржа-площадка


Чертёж 2

Морская несамоходная баржа-площадка