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Судокорпусное производство

Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Корпусосборочное производство

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Berthing float with helicopter deck modernized project RHP01

General data

- length, m                                                                               24,4
- width, m                                                                                15,2                 

- draught, m                                                                             0,6      

- above water dimension
  at draught 0,6 m, m                                                                4,8      

- deadweight, t                                                                        6,75

- displacement in water with density 1,0 t/m3

   at draught 0,6 m, about, t                                                      200

 Russian River Register class:  Р 1,2


Technical description

The project is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SP, JSC.

The complex was built for RVS-Holding, JSC.

The vessel is placed on Krasnoholmskaya quay in Moscow.

The complex represents single-hull rack mount pontoon with helicopter deck, auxiliary rooms and waiting room. The helicopter deck and rooms under the deck for temporary staying and passengers passing from river vessels to the quay and back are placed on the pontoon.

The berthing float is intended for mooring of vessels such as «ОМ», «Moscow», «Fontanka» and «Meteor» type for occasional helicopter landing and passengers getting off to the moored vessels; two-motor four-seat helicopter landing and takeoff (without location) with max. weight up to 6,4 t and max. lateral dimension up to 13,8 m; passengers boarding and getting off. The maximum number of people onboard shouldn’t exceed 85 persons.

The hull shape provides vessel towage with speed about 3 knots.

The complex operation is designed for the calculated range of outside temperatures from -25°С to +35°С  and outside water temperatures from -0°С to +20°С.

Vessels mooring isn’t provided for during freeze-up.  

The following air-technical facilities are provided helicopters landing: 

  •  helicopter landing site;
  •  auxiliary room;
  •  lighting equipment for salvage operations carrying out;
  •  wind cone with lighting;
  •  radio, audio recording and video recording facilities;
  •  fire-fighting means;
  •  emergency and rescue means.

Duty of town fire-fighting vehicle with water and foam fire extinguishing carriage hoses on the berthing complex is provided during helicopter landing.

Installation of portable air conditioning units in specified rooms is provided for air cooling and air heating in cold weather.  

Power supply from shore three-phase network with 380 V, 50 Hz with tightly grounded neutral is provided for vessel power consumers supply.   

Accumulator batteries providing responsible consumers supply are intended for emergency power supply.  

 Free-running diesel-generator with capacity of 9,6 kW, 220 V in all-weather housing installed on open deck is additional stand-by source of electric power.  

Power distribution is carried out through three-phase three-wire and double-wire isolated system. Main switchboard is installed for power distribution.

When shore power supply is switched off stand-by diesel-generator is manually switched on.

The following systems are provided for: warning protection, intrusion and fire alarm.

Fire alarm system ensures automatical detection and alarm in case of fire in the complex rooms.  

When any warning protection system actuates outside light and audio signal devices (flashing lamp of yellow color and horn) are activated.