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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Bunker tanker for coastal trade project SK4902

General data

Length overall, m 47,85
Breadth overall, m 10,00
Depth, m 4,00
Draft, m 2,85
Power plant, kW 1164
Service speed, knots 8
Ship crew, persons
Cargo tanks cubic capacity, m3 745
Ship’s class BV1 *HULL,*MACH, Oil Tanker, AUT UMS, Coastal Area


Classification society

Бюро Веритас   Bureau Veritas


Technical specification

The project of bunker tanker for coastal trade dwt 850 t is developed by Norwegian Design Bureau “Skipskonsulent AS”.
Functionality and maneuverability of these vessels makes them high-demand among the double-hulled and harbor bunkers.

Nevsky Shipyard built 2 vessels on order of Norwegian company Haugland Tankers AS. At the present day both vessels are operated successfully in Norwegian ports Oslo and Bergen.

Double boards and double bottom protect cargo area, separated from the engine room, along the whole length, according to the requirements of international conventions. Cargo tanks are able to transport up to 745 cub.m of clean and dirty oil products with flash point above 60°С, including heavy fuel and slush. Heavy cargo heating is provided by electric heater with temperature control installed in the engine room.

All cargo and ballast operations are performed remotely from the control post in wheelhouse. The maximum speed of unloading with two main spiral and single-stage pumps is 600 cub.m/h, the maximum speed of loading is 400 cub.m/h.

Cargo hoses are operated by electro-hydraulic crane installed in the middle part of the vessel. This electro-hydraulic crane is intended for lifting of 1 t cargo at the handling radius 13 m. Tanks cleaning is carried out with stationary and portable washing machines submerging through special hatches.

Main power plant includes 2 diesels “Mitsubishi” maximum continuous power of each is 582 kW.
Each engine is coupled to the controllable pitch propeller diameter of 1,4 m via a flexible coupling and reduction gearbox, reduced speeds from 1500 to 432 rpm.

Electric power plant of the tanker consists of 2 shaft generators 424 kW each and a harbor generator 50 kW.
Automation of power plant of the vessel allows to operate it remotely from the wheelhouse and doesn’t require permanent presence of crew in the engine room. When the vessel operates in coastal and port areas, ship’s crew consists of two people. It allows minimizing operating costs.


Танкер-бункеровщик прибрежного плавания