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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Multipurpose small-draft salvage ship. Project MPSV12

General data:

- length overall (approx.), m                                79.85
- width overall (without fenders), m                   16.86
- depth at midship, m                                             6,70
- draught scantling, m                                            4,50
- deadweight at scantling draught (approx.), t  1820
- maximum power of ME, kW                           2×2600
- sailing speed, knots                                                14
- endurance, days                              not less than 30
- range of sailing                                     – 4000 miles
- ship crew , persons                                                 12
- special staff, persons                                              22
- places for survivors                                                  87 



Classification society: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Sailing area is non-restricted. 

The Project MPSV12 is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb, JSC.

According to the order of the Federal Sea and River Transport agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Nevsky Shipyard is building the series of four vessels.

 A design temperature of an outside air +35°С at humidity 80 % in the summer and at - 30°С and 25 m/s of wind velocity humidity 85% in the winter, water from + 32°С down to -2°С accordingly.

 Maximum permissible type and thickness of ice in which the ship is capable to be floating in the channel behind the icebreaker with small speed (3 - 5 knots): 
− floating in medium one-year-old ice by thickness up to 1.2 m is admitted during summer and autumn period;
− floating in medium one-year-old ice by thickness up to 0.8 m is admitted during winter and spring period.

 Type of the vessel:

Multipurpose small-draft salvage ship with two propellers, with a high ice class, with a raked stem and cruiser aft end, with long two tier forecastle superstructure, with forward deckhouse and engine room amidship, with diesel propulsion plant, with two bow and one stern thrusters, with «Arc5» ice category.

 Purpose of the vessel:

− stand-by duty, rescue duty in areas of shipping, fishing, sea oil and gas fields according to the ship class
− search-off and assistance for damaged vessels which are in distress
− rescue, ship-repair and dive works at depth not more than 60 m, also diving works with underwater welding and cutting
− towing service of damaged vessels and objects to shelter area, and also providing sea towing of vessels, floating objects and constructions in ice conditions and at open    water
− fire fighting of burning fuel on water, oil spills response service emergency oil and oil product spill
− search and inspection underwater potential accident objects
− search, rescue, evacuation and placing of people, providing first aid to injured persons
− providing assistance at fire fighting at floating and coastal objects accessible from sea
− delivery and offloading of different cargoes including general cargo, off-shore containers, liquid cargo, etc
− delivery of staff
− ROV of working class with depth up to 3000 m service

To perform the purposes the vessel is equipped with diesel-electric power plant with  two diesel engine with maximal continuous rate of abt. 2600 kW each and with 2 thrusters of 995 kW each; 2 bow controllable pitch propeller tunnel thrusters of power 790 kW each and one aft thruster « of the “screw in a tube” type with a controllable pitch propeller (CPP) of power 790 kW.

Dual dynamic positioning system provides the required positioning accuracy for the various modes of operation.

Special fire-extinguishing equipment including independent special water/foam fire-extinguishing system, water-screen system which provides protection of the ship against thermal influence of burning object (a ship, chisel installation, etc.) and special dry powder system for fire fighting on chemical tankers and gas carriers is foreseen on the vessel.

 Automatic double-drum (with two ropes) towing winch with pull load about 100 t at drums is used for towage operation and towing of emergency vessels. 3х400 V, 50 Hz.

 Two evacuation liferaft systems (MES) with a MiniSlide (length 5 m) for descent in rafts and rising of people from water are foreseen for people rescue from water surface.

 The vessel is fitted out with two onboard oil gathering systems for oil spills response.

 Mobile quick-release diving station for dive up to 60 m is installed.

 A complex of Remote operated deep-water vehicle (ROV-3000) with working deep of 3000 m is installed onboard.

General arrangement